Energy/Oil & Gas Litigation

200470711-001Our firm represents mineral owners, operators and other energy related companies in upstream, midstream and downstream commercial litigation matters. We have prosecuted and defended significant matters related to the oilfield, as well as matters related to transportation and refining of oil and gas.  


Mineral Disputes

On January 10, 1901, the Lucas No. 1 well at Spindletop Hill, Tx changed the history of Texas.  Upon reaching the depth of 1,139 feet the well hit oil and blew it over 150 feet into the air at a rate of 100,000 barrels per day.  It took nine days before the well was brought under control.

From this point on throughout the 20th Century, the Texas economy moved from its rural, agricultural roots into the petroleum and industrial age.  During this transition many Texas families and businesses became extremely wealthy through their oil royalties and mineral interests making millions and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Currently, about 2/3 of the 254 counties in Texas produce oil and there are vast amounts of wealth being made on the hundreds of millions of barrels of oil and vast amounts of gas that are produced in Texas each year.

When oil, gas and mineral rights become the subject of a dispute, or when it is necessary to enter into oil, gas and mineral leases and other contracts in order to make effective use of mineral resources, skilled legal counsel is important for the protection of your rights and interests.

At Ware Jackson, we represent royalty and mineral owners, lessors and lessees, oil, gas and production companies, and other interested parties in a wide range of oil, gas and mineral disputes, including:

  • Royalty disputes
  • Lease provision disputes
  • Title disputes

Our firm has decades of litigation experience in oil and gas and in contract matters. While many disputes can be negotiated, it is important to be prepared to go to trial if it is in your interests to do so. We have prosecuted and defended significant matters related to mineral exploration and production, as well as matters related to reviewing/auditing mineral leases and royalty payments. Our firm can help you determine and ensure that producers are paying what they are contractually obligated to pay you under your lease.

If you are a Texas mineral owner contact us today with any question or concern you may have with your current royalty payments by your mineral lessees (producers).

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